Still In School?

An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful at any time, but getting pregnant while in school can present some unique challenges.

You likely have a lot of questions about what a pregnancy will mean for your life now as well as your future. It’s normal to worry about it disrupting your plans and potentially rerouting many of your life plans. At the same time, it’s important to remember this isn’t the end of your life.

In fact, many people have risen to the challenge and made choices they never thought were possible before the unplanned pregnancy.

Whatever you’re feeling, we’re here for you and can provide the resources, services, and support you need to navigate this season!

Evaluate Your Support

As you consider your options, it can be helpful to evaluate what kind of support system you currently have and if you need to add to it. You can ask yourself these questions, especially if you’re considering parenting –

  • Do your parents support you?
  • Does your partner want to be involved?
  • Do you have a childcare option?
  • Do you have friends who will walk this road to support you?

We offer a variety of resources and services to help you not only navigate these questions and the decisions ahead of you, but also to help once you’ve made your decision.

Whether you need a listening ear, a free pregnancy test and ultrasound, or more information on all your options, we’re here for you. We don’t profit off of your decision so we can provide unbiased information so YOU can decide. Remember, you should never make a decision because you’re being pressured. It’s your decision to make.

Contact us to schedule a free and confidential appointment today. All our services are completely free of charge and insurance is never required.