If your period is late, your breasts are sore, and you feel sick to your stomach, you might suspect you’re pregnant. The only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. And as nervous as you may feel to have the test confirm your suspicions, it’s important to take the test to know whether you’re pregnant or not. Sometimes “pregnancy symptoms” can point to other health issues you’ll want to have checked on if you aren’t pregnant.

Free Pregnancy Testing

We offer free lab-quality pregnancy testing so you can know with certainty. Sometimes home pregnancy tests are taken too early and can produce a false negative. Or they’re taken incorrectly and can also give you a false result.

Our tests have a 99% accuracy rate. A pregnancy test works by measuring the levels of the hCG hormone in your urine. This hormone is only produced by your body when pregnant so it is an accurate indication of a pregnancy.

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test will provide the most accurate results when taken at least one week after your missed period. This is because your hCG levels double every 72 hours so there will be more to measure if you wait at a week to take your test.

After your pregnancy test, one of our staff members will sit down to go over the results with you. If it comes back positive, we’ll offer a free ultrasound so you can learn more about the pregnancy and also provide education so you can make a fully-informed decision.

Schedule Free Pregnancy Testing Appointment

If you think you may be pregnant and want to know for sure, please contact us today to schedule your free and confidential appointment. You don’t have to face the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy alone.